Personal Information Management — PIM 2016

For Richer, for Poorer, in Sickness or in Health... The Long-Term Management of Personal Information

People are amassing large personal information stores. These stores present rich opportunities for analysis and use in matters of wealth, health, living and legacy. But these stores also bring with them new challenges for managing information across long periods of time. Hence personal information management (PIM) research increasingly must address the long term. For the seventh PIM workshop in a successful series started in 2005, we propose taking a look at personal information with exactly this longitudinal perspective. We expect the workshop to attract a range of people doing research related to PIM, HCI, personal digital archiving, aging, and the design of informational spaces for later life. Attendees will discuss issues related to storing information for the long-run, how stored information can benefit a person across their lifetime (and into old age), and the legacy of a person's personal information.

Past PIM Workshops

This workshop is part of a series of meeting held (approximately) every year and a half on personal information management, organized in connection with related conferences including SIGCHI, SIGIR, and ASIS&T. Each related conference attracts a substantial subset of people conducting PIM-related research. Information about previous PIM meetings can be found at the following Web sites: