Personal Information Management — PIM 2016

Information for Accepted Participants – Preparing for PIM 2016

The following information is for people who submitted position papers and have been accepted to participate in the PIM 2016 workshop.

Dear participants in the PIM 2016 workshop, "The Long-Term Management of Personal Information" (in association with CHI 2016),

Please be sure that you have addressed each of the numbered "to-dos" bellow.

The EasyChair site ( is open through March 1st for you to make the following submissions:

  1. Updates in your position/participation statement. Simply update your existing statement (but keeping to a limit of 4 pages).

  2. Mini-posters. These are required for your participation but the requirement is easy to meet:

    1. Submit (as a completely separate submission), a 1-page PDF. (Please no other formats).
    2. Important!: In your submission, precede the actual title of your mini-poster with the text: "MINI-POSTER"
    3. You page should be designed for print-out on 8..5 X 11 paper, i.e., "posters" truly are "mini".
    4. We will print out to post on the walls of the meeting room as a "getting to know each other" and conversation starter (during breaks). It's ok if people have to come closer to your poster to read it but at close range that it can be read without a magnifying glass (i.e. fonts should be at least 12 pt).
    5. Your mini-poster should contain your name, affiliation, and a few bullet points about your PIM research interests. Please also include a picture of yourself to help people get to know each other.

  3. Full papers. These are optional. If you choose to submit a full 10-page paper, do the following:
    1. Submit, as another completely separate submission, a PDF of your paper.
    2. Important!: In your submission, precede the actual title of your full paper with the text: "FULL-PAPER" (we cannot process otherwise).
    3. Adhere to CHI formatting conventions for a full paper (
    4. Note that full papers are subject to basic review by members of the workshop committee before their actual publication on the workshop web site.
So essentially, you can have up to 3 submissions in EasyChair for your: 1. position/participation statement. 2. Mini-poster (just a 1-page PDF). 3. (optional) a full 10-page paper. Yes, this means you'll need to re-enter author information up to 3 separate times. Sorry, for the repetition but this is the most practical, effective way to handle your contributions to the workshop.

All submissions must be in by March 1!

We will use the versions that are out on EasyChair as of March 2nd for the workshop web site (

And then, in March moving forward to the actual workshop:

  1. Register! As you register for CHI (at least one day) don't forget to register for the workshop: The access code you will use to register for the workshop was provided to you in an email from the organizers. Early registration for CHI ends March 14th. Note: we will be forced to remove position statements (and posters/papers) for participants that do not register.

  2. Set aside time sometime after position statements are published to the web site on March 2nd to read the position statements of other participants.

  3. Set aside time (1 to 2 hours) in your calendar in April to participate in on-line, asynchronous discussions with other participants and the organizers of the workshop so that we can sharpen our focus and make the best use of our time during the actual workshop (May 7th and 8th, San Jose). Budget 1 to 2 hours.