Personal Information Management — PIM 2012

Keynote Speaker

Thomas Erickson

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Personal Information Ecologies: PIM in the Age of Sensors and Social Networks
Once upon a time, Personal Information Management was, well, personal. The "Personal Information" was phone numbers and to-dos and notes and emails and personal papers and files and folders. The "Management" was about how one organized what one had so that it could be re-found when it was needed to get our everyday work done. Things have changed. Personal Information is still personal, but there is so very much more of it. My bookmarks. My songs. My social network. And some of it is considerably more personal than it used to be. My locations as reported by my smart phone. My weight as gathered by my wifi scale. My steps and heart rate sensed during my workouts. Furthermore, as personal as it is, we are choosing to share much of it, for reasons that go far beyond simply getting our everyday work done. "Management" seems like an increasingly inadequate word for what we do with our personal information. In this talk I reflect on PIM, how it has changed over the two decades I've been studying it, and the challenges I see ahead.

Slideshare of Tom's keynote slides

About Thomas Erickson

Thomas Erickson is an interaction designer and social scientist in the Social Computing Group at IBM Research. His focus is on studying and designing systems that enable large distributed groups to interact coherently over a distance; his interests include computer-mediated communication, crowdsensing, online communities, pattern languages and, most recently, Smarter Cities. Erickson has published about fifty peer-reviewed articles, edited two books, holds eight patents, and is a Fellow of the ACM. Erickson has participated in the design of dozens of systems during a career that has taken him from a small startup to Apple's Advanced Technology Group to IBM Research.